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The Podcast Digest

A podcast about the people who bring you the best shows around! Go 'behind the scenes' of your current and soon-to-be favorite podcasts!

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Jun 19, 2016

Jason Weiser, host and producer of Myths and Legends, joins me to talk about the origin of the show, its growth, and the production process. We talk about Jason's script writing, artwork and the amazing place he started recording the show! Myths and Legends is an absolutely phenomenal show and the story behind it...

Jun 12, 2016

Sophie Harper, host and producer of Not By Accident is my guest this week! We take a behind the scenes look at her wonderful audio documentary podcast, how many years she has been working on it, how she has put together all of her audio, her goals for the show and what the reception has been like.  Not By Accident is...

Jun 5, 2016

Agent Palmer, podcast super fan and producer, geek blogger, and all around awesome guy joins me to talk about his work with various independent shows, his writing for his site, the site's design and of course, to recommend great shows!  

For the discussion topic, Palmer and I tackle the important role of social media...