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Jan 18, 2015

Dana Buckler, the host of the movie podcast phenomenon, How Is This Movie, joins me this week for an eye-opening and informative conversation! Dana and I talk about how HITM got started, what created this huge love for movies that he has, how he decided how many of his fears to expose on the show, what his exhaustive research and production process is like, why he rarely goes to the theatre anymore and so, so much more!

And of course, we recommend another podcast!  Dana recommends the first podcast he ever listened to - We Hate Movies!

SiteWe Hate Movies

Hosts (and Twitter):

Andrew (@jupin)

Eric (@ericszyszka)

Steve (@stephensajdak)

Chris (@crabin)

Links to Episodes mentioned by Dana:

Jaws the Revenge (Link)

Boondock Saints 2 (Link)

Bad Boys 3 (Link)

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