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Feb 5, 2017

Time to tell you about more great shows! This time my co-host is Michelle von Hirschberg, one-fourth of the excellent "Couple Things Podcast"!  As her CTP co-hosts have done before her, Michelle joins me for a great discussion on starting up a podcast on a shoestring budget, and then we each tell you about two great shows each!  Some awesome listening awaits if you haven't heard of these shows!  And don't forget to check out Michelle and Couple Things Podcast!

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Michelle von Hirschberg (Twitter) (Couple Things Podcast - Website, Twitter)

Discussion Topic: "All You Need for a Minimum Viable Podcast" - Forbes

"A Podcast Studio for Under $100" - Six Colors

Show Recommendations:

From Michelle:

The Modern Mann w/Olly Mann (Website) (Twitter)

The Naked Scientists (Website) (Twitter)

From Dan:

How to Be Amazing w/Michael Ian Black (Website) (Twitter)

Hilarious World of Depression (Website) (Twitter)