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A podcast about the people who bring you the best shows around! Go 'behind the scenes' of your current and soon-to-be favorite podcasts!

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Jan 1, 2017

Davy Rothbart, host of FOUND podcast (and oh so much more!) is my guest this week! We talk about the origins of FOUND, the magazine, the musical and of course, the first season of the podcast! Davy is a very interesting creative mega-force who has done so much in the world of creative story telling no matter the medium! We talk joining forces with Wondery, the weekly production calendar and the potential future! It's an amazing chat and I've thrilled to bring this conversation to you for the first episode of TPD for 2017!

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Davy Rothbart (Twitter)

FOUND (Podcast Twitter) (Podcast Website) (Magazine Website) (Magazine Twitter) (Musical Website) (Musical Twitter)

Davy's Book, "My Heart is an Idiot" (Website)

"Medora": Davy's most recent documentary (Website)